キノベス!2010 第1位に輝いた ミランダ・ジュライさん メールインタビュー

----Your book has been very well-received in Japan. Did you have other countries in mind when you wrote the stories? Do you think there are elements in the stories that may cross over to other cultures?


I don't think about this specifically when I'm writing, but I am of course hoping that strangers of all kinds will find some resonance in the words. It is always uncertain what a work will mean in another country. But, having been to Japan a few times and having a few Japanese friends, my guess is that my nervous, isolated, fantasizing characters will find a home with you guys. Perhaps more so than, say, Italy, where people might be too much at peace to understand me. I am making huge generalizations here, for fun, not because I know.


----Which story is your favorite in No One Belongs Here More Than You? Please tell us why.


I don't have a favorite, but the last story in the book "How To Tell Stories To Children" was the last one I wrote and so for me it points towards the future, towards all the things I have yet to write. Writers are always afraid that they'll never be able to write anything again, and reminiscing about past glories makes me feel particularly sure I won't.


----I understand your parents were publishers; did you enjoy reading a lot of books growing up? Was there a favorite? Do you have any words of encouragement to booksellers, or thoughts on books in general?


I loved to read when I was growing up, it was a big, huge part of my childhood. When I was around 9 or 10 my mom would drop me off at ballet class and then go to the library. When she picked me up she'd have a donut and stack of new library books waiting. Nothing will ever be as plentiful and perfect as those two things together. I loved The Secret Garden, and similar but less famous book called Mandy (which was also my nickname at the time.) I know it is hard times for book lovers on Earth. But remember that we are all in this together, even if reading is something we do alone.


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――――「いちばんここに似合う人」でお気に入りの短編はありますか? その理由も教えて下さい。




――――あなたのご両親は出版社を設立なさったんですよね?(注:North Atlantic Booksという実用やスピリチュアルな本を出す中堅出版社) 子供のころはやはり読書好きでしたか? お気に入りの本は? また、本についてのお考えや書店員へのメッセージがあればどうぞ。









Miranda Julyミランダ・ジュライ

映画製作、アート、文筆など様々な分野で活動。手がけたパフォーマンス・アートなどの作品はニューヨークの現代美術館やグッゲンハイム美術館に展示され、横浜トリエンナーレに出展された「廊下」も高い評価を得た。長編映画君とボクの虹色の世界」では脚本、監督、主演をつとめ、サンダンス映画祭での特別審査員賞、カンヌ映画祭では新人監督に贈られるカメラ・ドール賞含む4部門で受賞してデビューを飾った。作家としては雑誌ニューヨーカーやHarper'sなどで頭角を現し、短編集「いちばんここに似合う人」はフランク・オコナー国際短編賞を受賞、20か国で翻訳出版されるほど人気となった。ジュライ氏とHarrell Fletcher氏が企画したアートプロジェクト「Learning To Love You More」はサンフランシスコ現代美術館に展示され、Prestel社から書籍化もされている。また「Eleven Heavy Things」と題した立像のコレクションが2009年ヴェネツィアビエンナーレで発表され、2010年夏にはニューヨークのユニオンスクエアに巡回された。

カリフォルニア州バークレーで育ち、現在はロサンゼルス在住。新作映画「The Future」はサンダンスおよびベルリン映画祭でのプレミア上映が決まっている。